Big Babies Big Number and Letter Corporate Candles

Big Babies HUGE Candles for MEGA events!

Big Babies Corporate candles are so called because they're a huge 30 centimeters tall and are generally used for very large occasions or special functions where a milestone is reached like and anniversary ("25 years!"), first birthday ("1"), milestone birthday ("21" & "18") to name a few. Corporate candles will stand securely* on a table as a center piece.

Each Corporate candle number comes in all the same ten colours as the smaller 10cm candles but they are custom made on request so contact us to order at least two weeks ahead of your event with the numbers and colours you require. Corporate candles contain ten times the materials used in the smaller candles so they are priced accordingly at $69.95. See some examples of our Corporate candles below.

* Number 4 candle only, the enclosed clear plastic support must be used, as with the small number 4.

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